30 Days of Creative Writing WRITE YOURSELF ALIVE!

 2023 Terms & Conditions  

30 Days of Creative Writing: Write Yourself Alive!® is a writing program created by Andrea Balt, hosted by Creative Rehab® and sponsored by Rebelle Society®. By signing up for this adventure you agree to be in a Creative Partnership with us under the following Terms & Conditions:


All payments must be made through the links or sublinks provided on our official registration website: writeyourselfalive.org / 30daysofcreativewriting.com / selfcreation.co/30daysofcreativewriting/ via email support@creativerehab.co / support@selfcreation.co when/if it applies, within the specified deadlines, at the corresponding rates.  

You can pay by PayPal or Debit/Credit Card. We do not accept personal cheques or other forms of payment. If you have a discount coupon or voucher you may apply it at checkout, before making the final purchase.  



50% OFF - July 21 - August 17

35% OFF - August 18 - September 7

25% OFF - September 15 - 20


REGULAR CLASS PRICING 2023: The total tuition price for the Write Yourself Alive Writing Course, for all upcoming sessions, by tiers:

>> TIER 1: Core program + Bonuses + Writing Community + Lifetime Access and Upgrades - One Payment of $375 (USD)
>> TIER 2: All of Tier 1 + Creative Mastery Session (1h) - One Payment of $495 (USD)


50% OFF: Total pricing, including the 50% discount:

>> TIER 1 + Discount - One payment of $185 (USD)
>> TIER 2 + Discount - One payment of $295 (USD)

35% OFF: Total pricing, including the 35% discount:

>> TIER 1 + Discount - One payment of $235 (USD)
>> TIER 2 + Discount - One payment of $365 (USD)

25% OFF: Total pricing, including the 25% discount:

>> TIER 1 + Discount - One payment of $275 (USD)
>> TIER 2 + Discount - One payment of $395 (USD)


Within minutes of signing up, you will receive a Purchase/Enrollment Confirmation Email from Creative Rehab - the platform hosting all our programs and events - at the same email address you provided on the registration page. If you do not receive a purchase confirmation, check your spam folder. If you believe it may have been sent to an incorrect email address, please contact us.  

Within 24 hours of signing up, you will receive your login access to our private Virtual Classroom, where you can get started with Orientation and Bonus Writing Fuel before your 30-Day Writing journey begins. Your guided 30-Day Writing Adventure (including daily coaching emails) will begin on the date you selected at checkout.

If you don't receive your Login Access to our Virtual Classroom within 24 hours of signing up, please email us at support@creativerehab.co so we can resend it to you. Please make sure you check your spam / junk folder - or promotional / social tab (for Gmail), as our Welcome Emails can occasionally skip your inbox and land in a different tab of folder.

If you sign up for Tier 2 - including a 1:1 Creative Mastery Session - we will contact you via email with the available schedule for the sessions, so you can choose the time and date that works best for you.

Extra bonuses offered during enrollment and not included in the program description are subject to date changes, should the creators see it necessary for optimal delivery. These bonuses are not subject to the cancelation / refund policy or overall course offer detailed in these terms.

Our Virtual Classroom can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world. With your enrollment in 30 Days of Creative Writing, you have Lifetime Access to our Write Yourself Alive Writing Community and Course Content. You may take the program during the official program dates, and/or revisit and retake in your own schedule and rhythm anytime you want.


For any course related communication, please email us at support@creativerehab.co. We do our best to respond within 24 to 48 hours on business hours, Monday through Friday. If you email us during a weekend or a holiday, please allow until the following business day for a detailed response.

Please do not tag or contact us via social media for any timely communication regarding your participation or account, as we may miss it entirely. We are not responsible for any program communication sent to us via social media.  

Sometimes our emails land in the Junk / Spam folder, or under the Social / Promotional tab. To ensure that you receive all our emails in your inbox, please add us to your contact list. If you think you may have missed important communication from us, please contact us and we'll help. Please check your Spam / Promo / Social tab first, before you contact us. 

5. CANCELLATION / REFUND / TRANSFERDue to the content, delivery

Due to the style, abundant content, delivery and nature of the course, as well as the significant discounts offered, this class is not refundable. If your circumstances prevent you from taking the course as scheduled, you may access it in your own time or retake the guided version of it (including daily emails) at a later date that suits you better. Contact us to help.

PARTICIPATION TRANSFER: You may gift the course at checkout or transfer the participation to someone else anytime before the program officially begins. To transfer, please send us an email request. Please cc the person you want to transfer your spot to, and include their full name and email in the email body. 


The creators, partners, guests and staff of Write Yourself Alive / Creative Rehab are not responsible for any conditions or life occurrences that prevent you from taking full advantage of the program offer, accessing our virtual classroom, interacting with other participants, downloading and making good use of the materials provided, or communicating with us should you encounter any difficulties and/or need any assistance through the process. 

We commit to providing you with all the program materials offered, as well as the professional assistance, creative guidance and administrative support you may need through the program. However, personal circumstances or unforeseen events in the life of each participant are out of our scope. 

By purchasing this program you commit to making the agreed payment corresponding to the total cost of the program, within registration deadlines, with a one-time payment or in two monthly installments, according to the payment plan you choose at the time of enrollment. 

You are fully responsible for communicating with us regarding any special circumstances, cancelation, withdrawal or refund requests -- as well as any other arrangements particular to your case, within the deadlines specified on this page. We are unable to provide you with any special assistance or support outside of the deadlines mentioned, and/or unless specifically requested by you, the participant. 


Our Virtual Classroom is a safe, private platform where the participants can share their writing and benefit from each other's experiences, as well as give and receive constructive writing critique and support, or express their creative urges, vulnerability, personal discoveries and full spectrum of emotion -- as reignited through the program prompts + assignments. Interactions may often turn deep, powerful and real. 

All private communication regarding your account, membership or payment/s, as well as the terms of your participation or any other individual comments that are not related to the program content or assignment/s shared in the class, must be communicated privately, via email, and it will be removed if shared openly in the classroom.

ANTI-DEFAMATION / ANTI-SLANDER / ANTI-BULLYING DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to refuse, suspend or take legal action if necessary, against any participant who may tip the balance of the group interactions or compromise in any way the safety, respect, kindness and integrity of our participants, members + staff, our brands and programs, our Virtual Classroom / Members Area, or our extended, complementary Social Media spaces through any kind of posts or publications, comments or remarks that are unethical, defamatory, slanderous, and/or out of alignment with our mission, our service, our offerings and these Terms.  

In case of suspension, a partial refund may be agreed upon, if/when it applies, as determined by Write Yourself Alive / Creative Rehab staff. 


Open participation is not required. As a participant in 30 Days of Creative Writing, your name and profile will remain private unless you choose to interact with other members. 

You may choose to participate and interact in your own time, as needed or preferred. You may also choose to remain anonymous. 

For social media interaction related to this course, you will be subject to the privacy terms of the platform you use as well as your personal and group settings on each platform. 

Your email + name — which you are required to provide at registration, will not be shared with any parties other than the creators, instructors and staff of Write Yourself Alive / Creative Rehab as well the platforms that enable us to host and run the program.  

All personal communication regarding your account, participation, payment or personal feedback must be communicated to us privately, via email. You are fully responsible for any private information you choose to share in a group setting.  

For additional information on your data (i.e. what / how we collect and use it), see our Terms of Use as well as our extended Privacy Policy.  

8.1. 30 Days of Creative Writing Communication: As a participant in the 30 Days of Creative Writing, you will receive daily and weekly emails included in the program curriculum — as well as any other relevant communication related to the program.  

8.2. Other Communication: News & Updates + Creative Inspiration + Promotional Offers. In addition to our program communication, you will continue to receive our creativity related newsletters (via Andrea Balt or Write Yourself Alive), as well as promotional emails from time to time, with information about upcoming courses and events that may interest you. 

You may unsubscribe from any or all of our email lists anytime, by clicking the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of each email or requesting it via support@creativerehab.co.  

By enrolling in this program, you consent to receive our communication via email, as stated in this point. You also acknowledge that you understand you can freely unsubscribe from our email lists anytime. 


30 Days of Creative Writing (™) — also known as 30 Days of Writing (™) is an original program created in 2014 under the Write Yourself Alive® brand, a registered trademark of Andrea Balt. 

Write Yourself Alive® is a writing education brand operated by Creative Rehab® and hosted by Rebelle Society® — also registered trademarks of Andrea Balt. 

All the content presented in this program — including copyrights, catch phrases, names, symbols and trademarks -- with the exception of externally referenced quotes and citations — is Intellectual Property of Andrea Balt [THE AUTHOR] and it is intended for your personal use and educational purposes only. 

By signing up for this program you agree to not plagiarize or appropriate the intellectual property of the author. You also agree to not reproduce, teach, distribute or repurpose in any way the contents of this program, without explicit reference, written permission and/or previous approval from the author, as applicable. 


By enrolling in this program, you agree that you have reviewed and accepted the above Terms & Conditions. 

Thank you for helping us provide a safe, inspiring and mindful space where creativity can flourish, and lives can be touched and changed. 

Got any extra questions? Please contact us: support@creativerehab.co